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Counterfeit Detectors -- Moneyscan A-1

The latest wave of forged notes to hit the country are more difficult to detect than older versions.  The older forgeries were easily detectable using ultra violet light or with forgery pens.  The new forgeries do not glow under ultra violet light, even the blue European flag turns green just like a genuine note, making it very difficult for the untrained eye to decide whether a note is genuine or counterfeit.  To solve the problem we now stock the MoneyScan A-1 Counterfeit Detector.

The Moneyscan A-1 makes the decision, not the operator.  Just slide the note into the slot, and a motor pulls the note through the mechanism.  In less than 1 second, a green light is displayed if the note is genuine, or alternatively, a red light, accompanied by a loud beep leaving the operator in no doubt the the note is suspect.


Price:  €165

+ VAT @ 23% (€37.95)

Delivery (within Ireland) €10