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Comprehensive & Cost-effective

Datasym.POS - Retail Control & Flexibility


Proven in thousands of retail installations, Datasym.POS for
Retail is a comprehensive and
cost-effective EPOS front office
application that gives the modern
retailer all the control and flexibility
they need to fully maximise sales and respond quickly to changing demand.

Decades of continuous investment makes Datasym.POS for Retail
incredibly feature-rich, enabling
retailers to take full advantage of
the latest innovations in EPOS
with the added reassurance of a
smooth upgrade to new functions
and technologies in the future.

Datasym.POS for Retail can operate independently or link in real time to Datasym’s Stockade SQL back office, and is fully scalable from stand alone
to multi outlet operations. All with a refreshingly low cost of
on-going ownership.








Datasym.POS - Major Functions, Benefits & Features

Intuitive and powerful Interface

Easy to follow, guided transactions leading
to better customer service, fewer queues
and reduced staff training time
“One Shot” buttons for fast moving items
On-screen product images
Staff training mode
Returns by scanning barcode on receipt
Credit note issuing
Serial number tracking
Age verification and restricted sales by time
Floating cashier support
Definable methods of payment
Note tender keys
Predictive tender
Item search by description or code
Numeric & alphanumeric item code support
Creation of unknown items at POS terminal
Starter file routines allowing easy scanning
and building of initial product file
Suspend transactions with recall from
any terminal
Seamless EPOS
Hardware Integration
Full touch-screen support
Barcode scanning
EFT via chip & PIN with Verifone
Fingerprint sign-on and verification
Link with handheld scanner
Customer loyalty and CRM CRM Reward with points, other promotions
or discounts based on spend and/or
specific items
Builds a customer database of spending
habits in order to plan future marketing
Phone lookup and recognition

Extensive promotional support Mix & match
(e.g. ‘3 for 2’ or ‘buy one get one free’).
Timed promotions
Cheapest free and item free
Meal deal
Quantity break discount
Line discount by percentage or value
Promotions and deals displayed on-screen
Voucher and coupon support
Multi-level pricing Support for multiple price files
Price level inclusive or exclusive of VAT
Pricing updates can be executed
in real time
Full multi-currency
Reduced cash handling Cash back
Inbuilt cashless support in addition to links
with leading third party cashless solutions
Charge card
Customer account
Fully customisable printing Receipt reprint
Printing of logo bitmap
Support for printing on rear of receipt
(dependent on hardware)
Support of ex-VAT invoices via
non-EPOS printer
Shelf-edge label using standard
receipt printer
Weights and measures Approved scale interface for counter scale
Support for dedicated checkout style
Weight and price embedded
barcode support
Extensive reporting Detailed reports without the need
for back office
Cash declaration
End of day routines
Floats in/out
Paid in/out (with reason codes)
X / Z readings
Real time analysis
Hourly analysis
Gross profi t and sales history
Employee clock on/clock off at POS with
time and attendance reports in back office
Automatically link additional reports to end
of day routine (e.g. print Z, hourly, item
sales, etc.)
Secure and robust Fingerprint staff sign-on
Definable multi-level security roles
Voids, refunds, no sales - with reason code
Cash uplift routines
Cash drawer security
Full electronic audit of all transactions
Operates stand alone - does not rely
on network
Seamless integration
with other systems
Operates independently or can be linked
in real time to Datasym’s Stockade SQL
to provide full control and tracking of
stock and goods within the business,
comprehensive user-definable reports
and full gross profit analysis.
Links to Sage Accounting, electronic
fund transfers (EFT) and electronic data
interfaces (EDI) for major wholesalers
via Datasym’s Stockade SQL Back Office application.